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Covid-19 Guidelines for All In-Person Workouts

Safety is the top priority at Seaside Striders Running Club's "In-Person" workouts. We want everyone to come out and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Before you attend an "In-Person" workout, please read, and be ready to adhere to the following guidelines that will be applied at all "In-Person" workouts. **  While they are every bit serious, they're not as scary as they look. :)

** Guidelines will be revised and changed throughout the season as changes to local and state mandates require.**

Before You Arrive - 

- All runners are asked to self-screen themselves for any Covid-19 symptoms in the 24 hours prior to the workout. If you are sick or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend a workout until you have confirmed your negative test, or have followed the state and local Covid-19 guidelines.

- Seaside Striders will follow all local and state mandates. It is the responsibility of each runner to know and follow the up to date state and local guidelines prior to attending a run or workout with Seaside Striders. 

At the Workout - 

- We are currently following state and local mandates. We suggest that unvaccinated runners wear a mask, but masks are not mandatory for vaccinated runners.

Guests -

Guests will be allowed, but runners must register their guest with Coach Jim prior to any in-person run with their email and contact included.  Guests must satisfy all runner requirements including screening.  Runners and Guests will be slotted into reserved start times last after all members have received their start placement. Guests must also sign a waiver.

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