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Seaside Striders Running Club is excited to announce its 2024 Spring Run Club is kicking off the weekend of March 9th 2024, and running 11 weeks through the start of June 2024.  Join some great people at North County's favorite in-person workouts for runners. Get in some social time, fantastic running, and most importantly, get fitter and train for your next goal in a setting that will help you discover and blossom your joy and motivation for running!


Spring Run Club in 2024 will be an 11 week series covering your summer running and is designed to provide the fitness boost that will help you stay on track, and to reach your goals...and beyond.  


​We have multiple options available for 2024 Spring Run Club to accommodate the various levels of motivation we are all experiencing during this time including 4 levels of group schedules, and individualized weekly personal schedules.  


Seaside Striders Running Club is coached by Jim O'Hara who has been coaching running and triathlon for over 20 years.  He's a former Team USA athlete, a 3 All-American, and an RRCA Certified Coach with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science from the University of Hawaii.  The club's coaching philosophy is built around the concept of improving runner's abilities and confidence by combining classic running theory with up to date and data driven concepts while focusing on creating a life/sport balance.  Each runner benefits from group workouts, while also having a personalized running schedule to suit their individual goals.

We have multiple scheduling options available for Spring Run Club to accommodate various levels of runners and distance focuses.  


  • Options 1 - Personal Weekly Run Schedules. Get a little more 1 on 1 coaching with a personal run schedule sent straight to your inbox each week. This allows for more coaching interaction, a higher level of customization of your workouts, and added flexibility from week to week. 

  • Option 2 - Block Schedule for 8 Weeks.  A full 11 weeks' running schedule w options A-D (Beginner to Advanced), and our famous Speed Work PDF w options A-D (Beginner to Advanced, but all can be coordinated with a different lettered Block Schedule). These can be customized to fit your week to week availability.


  • In-Person Run Workouts for All Run Club Participants  - For Spring Run Club 2024, Seaside Striders will be offering North County's favorite in-Person running workouts.  Find the best motivation anyone can find 2x per week at these workouts where we'll challenge ourselves and encourage each other.

- Saturday In-Person Long Runs

- Small Group Wednesday In-Person Speed Workout

  • Weekly Club Newsletter - Get group news on upcoming events (even if we have to make our own!), updates on fellow runners, and running tips to help you stay fired up.

  • Social Time Happy Hours - A little social time with your running buds is just what the doctor ordered sometimes. These optional evenings are for runners and their family members to get together, play some games, and just enjoy a light evening of fun. 

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