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This option gives you the ability to customize your workout with a stress free 11 week schedule that covers the entire 11 week session of the 2024 Spring Run Club.  It allows participants the guidance you're looking for and workouts that will keep you fit, and motivate during the fall run season no matter what your long or short term goals. 

-8 Week Group Schedule -A full 11 weeks' running schedule w options A-D (Beginner to Advanced), and our famous Speed Work PDF w options A-D (Beginner to Advanced, but all can be coordinated with a different lettered Block Schedule). These can be customized to fit your week to week availability.


- In-Person Run Workouts for All Run Club Participants 

  • - Saturday In-Person Long Runs - Planned out long runs with mapped courses and planned out pacing for various distances and goal events. 

  • - Wednesday Speed Workout - We'll be offering 2 workouts each Wednesday; an Early AM Workout, and an Evening PM Workout.  This is where we pick it up a notch and run some intervals, work on some form, and get a little fitter, quicker, and stronger. Speedwork is better with friends!

- Weekly Club Newsletter - Get group news on upcoming events (even if we have to make our own!), updates on fellow runners, and running tips to help you stay fired up.

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